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Roger 'The Jester' Reed

is a comic performer of the old school who combines techniques of the traditional European street performers and medieval jesters with modern improvisation. He has juggled, performed magic tricks, played music, and mimed his way through crowds of all sizes, leaving a trail of laughter across 23 countries, for more than 30 years.


Roger was a member of the renowned performance group Mummenschanz in New York and Europe. He traveled

with Circus Roncalli in Germany, with the Circus Knie in Switzerland, and the Circus Brazil Jack in Sweden.

He now lives in Massachusetts.

Jazz + Jest

is the uncommon collaboration between Roger the Jester, a mime, magician, object manipulator, musician, acrobat, stilt-walker, unicyclist, juggler, puppeteer, humanist and baker


and Larry Chernicoff’s jazz-ish band, playing mostly his original compositions, but ... you never know what they might come up with. The music sometimes takes itself seriously, sometimes not.


But for sure, you've never seen anything like this group!


We'd love to play on your stage, at your party, school, festival, senior home - any place where people want to listen and laugh!



rolling in the aisles


he can play anything


"At times Roger had the musicians laughing so hard they could barely play!"

Roger is the most in-the-moment improviser you will ever see.

And hear. An amazing musician, Roger plays the tuba, turkey baster, trombone, pocket trumpet, baritone horn, melodica, boom whacker, cymbals, three recorders at once ....  you get the idea.


"Roger the Jester is a hoot, fun for "kids of all ages". A self-described 'object manipulator', an outrageously dressed mime who skillfully performs endless amazing tricks with a variety of common (and unusual) props. Even without speaking a word, his warmth and droll sense of humor delights one and all."


"We all enjoyed your performance tremendously; your warmth, talent and humor are extraordinary. Our patrons came expecting a children’s program and left knowing they’d just experienced something delightfully unique and meant to touch the heart and soul."

Larry Chernicoff Band

Larry is an award-winning composer, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer. He plays vibraphone, piano, percussion, and a collection of miscellaneous instruments from around the world. 


Larry's band ranges from 2 to 5 to 10 players, and depending on the astrology of the performance date. It may include saxophones, trombones, cellos, violins, and hubcaps.


"Don’t let the title fool you. Jazz & Jest is about as serious as you can get. The jazz was superb, and Roger the Jester provides fantastic comedic work to accompany the music. Larry Chernicoff handpicks some of the finest musicians in New England to perform his music, which is both introspective and groovy ."

“Roger the Jester and Larry Chernicoff’s group joined forces to bridge the gap between music and comedy…they successfully fused their separate art forms so that at times it was the music that made you laugh and the comedy that made you cry."


“That they could so gracefully and effectively support each other was a testament to their talents and to the enduring wonder of the improvisational arts.” 

“Behind all this wonderful foolishness there are very serious and very concerned and dedicated artists, creating an hour of happiness for audience. of all ages”